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Business News | From May 22nd 2023

Ledger believes its service will draw in customers who find the self-custody aspect of cryptocurrency off-putting. However, some are questioning whether the idea is compatible with secure hardware wallets.

Ledger is a hardware wallet company. Hardware wallets are designed to keep crypto currrency safe by keeping the users private keys in an offline physical storage device it's similar to a USB storage device. Ledger recently launched a new private key recovery feature, but experts are not sure how safe this will be in the future!

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It's not surprising that Justice Thomas likely thought his conduct was inconsequential.

Clarence Thomas has served as the senior US associate justice of the Supreme Court since 1991. He's recently been in the news for having luxury travel and other expenses paid for by billionaire real estate developer and GOP mega-donor Harlan Crow!

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On May 18 and 12, 2023, Toro Corp. (NASDAQ: TORO) entered into two separate agreements with an unaffiliated third-party for the sale of two tankers - the M/T Wonder Polaris and the M/T Wonder Bellatrix - for a total price of $71.5 million. Subject to the execution of definitive documentation, both vessels are anticipated to be delivered during the second quarter of 2023.

Toro Corp is an energy transportation service. The business carries petroleum and crude oil products worldwide through a fleet of tankers!

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The fear among political leaders in Washington, D.C. and beyond is the immense surveillance state of China, which can exert complete control over the actions of all Chinese businesses.

The US government and others are concerned about how far China's government goes to control it's people and businesses aswell as the impact China's businesses have on US citizens!

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Attendees of the Border Security Expo were uncertain of what was in store, but they were eager to make a financial gain.

The Border Security Expo helps educate local, national, and international law enforcement agencies about the different threats to the US border. It help law enforcement agencies make connections and find solutions to international and domestic threats.

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